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Take Control Of Utility Costs

Are you tired of skyrocketing electric bills that never seem to go down, no matter what you do? There is another way! By harnessing the power of solar energy for use in your home, you can achieve independence from the electric company and control your own utility costs. Get ready to enjoy unbelievable savings each month with solar energy equipment from Green Solar Technologies!


  • $0 down payment
  • Energy rates you can predict over the long-term
  • Referral rewards courtesy of the Campaigner program
  • Increased savings for the things that matter most
  • Quality materials and reliable customer service
  • A feeling of satisfaction from reducing your carbon footprint by using a renewable energy source to power your home

What Our Home Owners Think

“Working with Green Solar was a very pleasant experience for me. they impressed me from the get-go with the time they took to explain the benefits and how the program works.” -Corbin

Solarworld, Solarcity Inverters Panels

” I found the experience with Green Solar Technologies to be superb every step of the way. We were particularly impressed with the high-info, low pressure approach taken by the sales representative, and the friendly and competent way the designer worked with us to make sure we would be pleased with the result.” -Alyssa